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Animal Riddles


***See how clever you are about animals with this fun riddle game!***What do cats have that no other animal has? Kittens, of course!
Find hundreds of animal-based riddles like this one in the free app, Animal Riddles! Some are easy and some are tricky, but they’re all about animals! See how many answers you can guess about your furry, slithery, hooved, and cuddly friends!
FREEAnimal Riddles is completely free to try! Just tap the download button and start playing!
CHALLENGING Some questions are easy, but others will take some thinking! Only a small percentage of players manage to solve the entire game. Will you be the one?
GET HINTS Cat got your tongue? Use the bomb to remove letters from the answer or the magnifying glass to reveal them. Still don’t know the face? Then use the key and the answer will be revealed! Get more hints by completing levels, or buy them in-game!
HOURS OF FREE FUN Animal Riddles includes hundreds of fun and challenging questions! How many can you solve?
Train your brain and amuse your friends for hours with Animal Riddles! Try it today, download now!